Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Roundup 2

Hi lovelies!

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Yeah, yeah, I know. This is becoming a trend - no posts for days, then two in one day, I should learn to schedule things, hey? Truth be told, I wasn't going to post the Tangy Beef Wraps today, but, well, they were too good not to share immediately. So you got them, and today is Weekly Roundup day, and I couldn't let you down, could I?

I've been having a helluva week - if you follow me on twitter, I apologise for my extreme language. I'll try get myself together next week, but this one has been, well, hard. So here's what's caught my eye this week (I've been reading, even if I haven't been writing much!)
  1. Beatnik Bazaar: I've followed this lady, Thaya, on twitter for a while. She designed and makes clothes for a little store in Kalk Bay, of the same name as her blog. She has a lovely, cute, vintage sense of design, and a passion for vintage bicycles. I think she's great, and I must drag myself out to Kalk Bay soonest to peruse her gorgeous vintage swimsuit range!
  2. My favourite thing this month: my Amaretto Chocolate Cake Truffles. Not to blow me own horn (ah, who am I kidding?! PAAAAAAAAAARP!!), but these were pretty amazing. I'm SO glad I conquered my fear of baking and desserts, and just made these! They blew all the wedding guests away, which was SUCH an incredible feeling.
  3. Rebound cookies: Sweet Amandine has been among my favourite international blogs for a while, but the Rebound cookie (a.k.a. the Peanut Butter Cookies with Milk Chocolate Chunks) made me a happy girlie. That was printed and popped into my bag within minutes, because after making the most incredible chocolate chunk cookies a couple weeks ago (which I, horror of horrors, have forgotten to post!), I think these'll be a cinch!
  4. Delicious soup: Joy the Baker is funny, quirky and interesting. She bakes the most incredible things (far out of my league) but this soup with goat cheese scones (biscuits) looked so incredible, and so attainable. Watch out for it on a blog near you!
  5. Rock on Wood: After Matt from I'm No Jamie Oliver raved and raved about Rock on Wood, I had them out to do a quote for redoing our kitchen, and they're such lovely souls! I'm hoping we can work this out, because I'd like to work with them to get my beautiful! new! kitchen!

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