Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Writing to Save the World!

Hi guys!

I've neglected you lately, and have no excuses other than a terrible lack of time! This isn't likely to improve, but in the interim, here's a short post on something that's very close to my heart: Climate change and global warming.

Blog Action Day is an annual event designed to draw attention to the plight of many world problems, and this year we're targeting climate change. 

Food is a central element of climate change, as so many countries rely on imported foods to supplement those that grow locally, which negatively affects the climate of the world. Recently, the Slow Food movement has been encouraging consumers and supermarkets to buy locally grown, organic and low carbon footprint foods in order to try to relieve some of the strain importing food has on the environment.

More locally, small farmers and producers are seeing an upsurge in popularity, through initiatives such as Wild Organics who provide boxes of locally grown, organic farm produce that can be ordered in advance by consumers. Farmers markets, once the domain of farmers wives, have also come  ito vogue, with the Neighbourgoods Market housed at the Old Biscuit Mill enjoying incredible popularity, selling vintage and retro clothing, fresh vegetables, small producer cheeses and pestos and the like.

These initiatives all count towards reducing the impact that our consumerism has on the environment, and as conscientious consumers it is our duty to support these incredible movements!

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