Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back!

Aaand I'm back! I wonder if there's still anyone out there, helloo? I know I abandoned you rather abruptly at the end of October last year. It wasn't a conscious break, but I guess I needed a break, hey?

In the interim, I've baked muffins, cupcakes (yes, I know!), made many delicious dishes for my husband, and even baked bread! (albeit in my new bread machine, but still) I even made another huge batch of cake truffles as Christmas presents for my friends, so I've been anything but lazy.. But finding something to say about those things? Well, the end of 2010 left me pretty drained, and finding something to say about each of those things, was, well, mostly impossible. And so, although I told myself I'd get back into it over the holidays, I took a few months off. Rather than torment both myself and you, my dear readers, with ever more tortured and stilted posting, I just stopped. I stopped writing, I stopped worrying about what I was going to blog about, and I just rested. And you know what? Resting was a good thing.

I still cooked, and thought about food, and read all your lovely posts about food, and admired all your lovely photos of food. But writing? Anything? Hell, I could barely write my name..

But now I'm back, and this year, things are going to happen! In 2011, there'll be some changes around here... For one, we're having our kitchen redone (yes, gutted, walls bashed down, new cupboards, stove, everything... eep.), so I'll be wanting to show off.. Also, I'll hopefully have somewhere delightful to start photographing my food!

Secondly, I'm attending the 2nd annual Food Bloggers Indaba, organised by the lovely Colleen of Browniegirl, and taking part in a food styling and photography workshop, held by Jeanne over at Cooksister! and Nina from My Easy Cooking, both of whom I sincerely admire for their lovely photography, so I hope to learn a lot! This will (hopefully!!!) mean I actually take some photos of my food, and show you the actual stuff, which would be nice, right?

So, that's a little of what you can hope to see around here. I also plan to post at least once a week, in order to make sure there's always something new when you pop by.. Unless, I leave town for more than a week, then I can't guarantee anything... ;)

And so, I bid you adieu. And hopefully, in the next few days, I'll find the time to post my First! Risotto! Ever!

All my love,

PS. Looks like I got the words back, hey? I'd only planned to write a paragraph!

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  1. Hello my friend! Looking forward to the Indaba, we going to rock out! Glad to have you back - can't wait to see that risotto!

  2. Welcome back! We missed you :-)

  3. So odd - your feed shows up in my reader as "What on earth's for dinner". Thought to myself who the heck is this and then saw it was you! Welcome back, I am firmly in favour of breaks (as is somewhat evident on my blog at the moment...).


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