about me

I'm polkadotcupcake and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy cooking and eating - you may notice I talk about that a lot. You'll also learn that I like to talk, to write, and to hear from you. So please contact me whenever you want to chat, on polkadotcupcakecooks {at} gmail {dot} com, or just leave a comment, I always love comments.

I love to cook and love to write. I'm still deciding whether I'm a writer that likes to cook or a cook that likes to write. I'm learning to bake - I've had some faux pas in the kitchen baking, which put me off for a while, but I'm clawing the confidence back, one batch of muffins at a time!

I love wine and beer, pork belly and beef fillet, jus and compote. I love to eat out, at fancy places, humble places, and rustic places. I love to eat in, to cook for my friends, my family, and my (oh so easy to cook for) husband (aka chief taste tester).

I have a small Scottie, Duffy, more commonly known as Evil Puffle. She's a menace, and a dear, and I love her unreasonably, considering how nonchalant she is about us. Small dog owners beware! Evil Puffle is here, and she is mean!
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