Monday, October 25, 2010


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So this past weekend, I learned a lot. About myself, about family, about love, and about friends. I realised a few things that I'll share with you, so I don't forget them... Maybe it'll help you remember some things too..
  1. I realised that I will go far for people I really care about.
  2. There is a lot more I can do, that I think I can't do, but I just hadn't made enough effort before.
  3. I see now that family is really important, and although I don't have much of one, I have married into a very tight one, and things that I see as overbearing interference, is actually often just the expression of care. And I should learn not to be so sensitive..
  4. The internet is full of options, but sometimes it takes just one kind person to give you what you need. Thanks Claudz!
  5. Weddings are amazing, even if they aren't yours. They bring people together, and they bring out all this incredible love and camaraderie. They are such a wonderful expression of love.
  6. People can be surprising. Sometimes, you can even surprise yourself.
  7. Sometimes, even if you think something will be a terrible flop, it comes out unexpectedly wonderful. So keep trying, and keep going - you never know, it might be amazing!
  8. I can cross off "Successfully bake a cake" from my 30 before 30 list. NICE. Must still frost something though.. getting there.
  9. People aren't as intimidating as they sometimes look - even beautiful, successful girls who exude confidence can be as vulnerable as their not-so-hot counterparts. Sometimes more so.
  10. I love being married. That's all.
So what did you learn this weekend?

Love you all, take care!

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  1. I am glad you have learned about the family bit..... family is the softest landing place in the world!!! Love the photo!!

  2. Very deep week end you have had hun. All sounds good!!!


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