Monday, October 18, 2010

Ten things...summer

Hi there!

In an effort to regain my mojo, as it were, I've decided to add a weekly post on things I've learned, things I'm happy about and things I'm grateful for. This won't always be about food (but you know me, mostly things I'm happy about ARE about food!) Feel free to skip these (they'll tend to be on Mondays).. they're a reminder for me to remember happiness...
  1. I love early summer nights, when it's just started to be warm in the evenings and we can sit in the garden.
  2. I realised that simple food is often the best. Braaied lamb chops, a simple salad and corn on the cob ain't blog-worthy, but it sure tastes good after a day in the sun.
  3. Markets are the bomb. Big and small, loads of stalls or a few, I love to sit and drink beer in the sun and admire the stalls, produce, food, cupcakes (!), crafts and so on. It sings of summer for me.
  4. Lighter mornings make for a happier me. There's nothing that encourages me to get out of bed on a Monday morning, but the sight of the light creeping around the blinds.
  5. My friends (actual and virtual) are amazing. Although I'm not always the best of friends, and sometimes I'm a downright grump, my friends never cease to amaze me with their incredibleness and generosity. Thank you.
  6. Homemade cookies beat the frikkin pants off any shop bought cookies ever. Chips Ahoy? Never again.. I'm converted to the pure deliciousness of the chocolate chunk cookies I made with Ash this weekend.. YUM.
  7. Twitter is soso SO much better than Facebook. I like it when my Twitter friends comment on things, and I want to hit my Facebook friends when they comment on things. Which is why I rarely post to Facebook, and am totally obsessed with Twitter. Explained.
  8. Blogs and twitter are my news source. I get news and gossip from both, so why would I visit a news source?
  9. I still love to read the Sunday Times on the beach, under my umbrellas, in the sun. It IS summer.
  10. Strawberries are the bomb.

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  1. This list is "the bomb" :) new favourite phrase?
    This is why I do the challenges - keeps me blogging and guides me on my bleh days :)

  2. damnit that's what happens when I don't bother editing myself.. ;)

  3. I like this! Thinking I should do something similar on my personal blog (yes I have another one!).

    And to #10 & #6 - agreed 110%

  4. :) course you do, you blog fiend you! and i got my new fond cookie obsession from you, dearie!

  5. Funny how so many of these things could easily have been on my list. Great idea. It keep sus focused on what is important and to count the small blessings we have!!!


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