Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest Post: The Squashed Tomato Chef reviews Jakes

Hi! As I have mentioned, while I'm away on holiday, some of my lovely blog and twitter friends have offered to guest post for me! Blown away by this amazing offer, I've given them pretty much free reign to write what they like, and just LOOK at what they've come up with! 

Here's The Chef from A Squashed Tomato, with something amazing, just for you. Take it away!
Hi everyone!

Wow, it's a great privilege to be guest-writing for polkadotcupcake whilst she is off enjoying a glorious new adventure at her wedding. Fearing stage-fright upon arrival, I talked myself out of creating some intricate recipe that might fail hopelessly and decided to rather review one of my favourite (if not all-time favourite) Cape Town restaurants. 

Jakes is a true Cape Town gem, with restaurants situated in Kenilworth (Jakes On Summerley) and Tokai (Jakes In The Village). The website describes the atmosphere as "vibrant and social" - I think this is a gross understatement! The interior, especially in the evening, is simply luxurious - with dark wooden tables, large glass windows, gorgeous artwork and perfect lighting, the dining experience of your life (yes, a bold statement but I dare you to prove me wrong!) is just waiting to be had! 

A visit to Jakes is not complete without arriving early in order to enjoy a glass of spicy red wine or a cool, tangy cocktail in the trendy bar area, seated on one of the leather armchairs. Once your table is ready, you are whisked away into the vibey dining area, where there is a delightful theatre of talking, laughing, champagne corks popping, waiters moving skillfully between tables, knives and forks clinking on plates and the gorgeous aroma of food...glorious food. Just a warning - upon opening the menu, whatever you were feeling like eating before doing so is instantly assaulted by a variety of delicious alternatives. 

Whilst I highly recommend going more than once (in order to try everything, of course!), I have come to salivate on simply hearing the following main course options: Jakes Double-Roasted Duck and Jakes Beef Wellington. The duck is wickedly crispy on the outside, whilst moist and tender underneath and is served with fine French beans and a few other side items (trust me, the duck and those beans just steal the show). The wellington is nothing short of art: Medium-rare steak, topped with a sherry-based sauce and pate, is wrapped in pastry and baked to perfection. It is also served with those crunchy, fine French beans. Just to provide some context, I first had the wellington over 2 years ago and it has remained, to this day, the best meal I have ever eaten in any restaurant. FACT. Unfortunately, both the duck and wellington are "specials" and are not available throughout the year. My sources tell me the wellington is currently available - I will race you there! 

Reading this, you might think that I am really singing Jakes' praises - well, I am! I live to eat - it's a great part of life - and I am always on the lookout for a restaurant that offers incredible food within an entirely addictive setting. Jakes has it right - and after writing this, I need my next fix! Word is that they're running a winter special at the moment - R145.00 for 3 courses! No guesses where I will be dining this weekend! Thanks to polkadotcupcake for this great opportunity! I wish you the very best with your wedding and new start in life - and I cannot wait to hear about all the food from the reception!

All the best, 
The Chef 

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  1. Just an update - went to Jakes last weekend and, whilst the wellington is indeed on the menu, it is no longer prepared in quite the same way as before! It's now baked in puff pastry and served as more of a pub-style beef pie... still very tasty but not as gourment as before, unfortunately.

  2. You've got me salivating over here - and all I have to look forward to is a bowl of oats for breakfast! Jakes sounds pretty awesome, think I should make a point to go check it out. :-)


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