Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My 30 before Thirty List


Ok, so this is a little off topic, but if you can bear with me, it might be an interesting project. I've been reading a lot about '30 before thirty' lists, and the idea is growing on me. The idea is that there are certain things we all wish we could do - life goals, small things, activities, etc. - but we never do them because life gets in the way. The idea with a list like this, and putting it out online, is that there is more pressure (and a deadline) to do these things.

Now, I'm not that old, only 25, but I have just gotten married, and I can see the way things may go, if I let life get ahead of me. There are things I want to do with my life, and things that I already wish I had done when I was younger, and I don't want to reach my old age and realise that I never had time to do most of the things I had wanted to do when I was young enough to do them.

So I'm making a list, a list to top all lists, and although I have 5 years (no, wait 4 years, it's my birthday just around the corner) until I'm 30, I think that sounds like a good enough time to get things done, wouldn't you say?

And I'm going to post it on this here blog to share with all of you, because I don't have the gumption to start and maintain another blog, and because I hope that you all (whatever your ages) will get involved and start life lists of your own, and tick them off with me.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me - and I promise, a lot of my goals are foodie-related, so hopefully you won't be bored!

The List:
  1. Invest in property
  2. Buy a car that I like
  3. Get a job that challenges me, that I like, that I wake up happy to go to OR freelance
  4. Grow vegetables (done! I grew tomatoes this summer, 2010-2011)
  5. Make risotto (done!)
  6. Successfully bake a cake (done!) and frost it (red velvets, no less!)
  7. Go on a foodie holiday - a holiday where the whole thing is planned around food (markets, restaurants, food blogger friends, whatever)
  8. Learn to dance with my boy
  9. Start and stick to a retirement plan
  10. Learn a new skill that will help with my career
  11. Make macarons successfully
  12. Wash my own car (don't laugh, I've never done it!)
  13. Make money from blogging
  14. Build a blanket fort in my living room and camp out overnight, eating dinner and breakfast there
  15. Buy good quality, long lasting makeup, no matter what the cost
  16. Get the brown leather handbag I've wanted for years, no matter how much it costs (leather lasts, right?)
  17. Get involved with a charity that makes sense to me
  18. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  19. Take a really amazing holiday at least once a year - adventure while you're still young!
  20. Donate blood
  21. Get published (somewhere other than my blog ;) )
  22. Read "War and Peace" by Tolstoy
  23. Take a roadtrip without planning anything - just drive, and stop wherever the road takes us
  24. Learn to take good photographs to help remember my life
  25. Pull a sickie with my boy and spend the whole day in bed, forgetting the guilt over what we SHOULD be doing
  26. Learn another language fluently
  27. Get into shape, and flatten my stomach
  28. Go away for a weekend with my girlfriends
  29. Learn to start a fire
  30. Re-upholster a piece of furniture
Ok. So that's it. 4 years is a relatively long time, so I suppose if  change some of these it's not the end of the world. I do think that though, that these are pretty good goals for me, and involve a lot of learning and growing, which can never be a bad thing, right?

I'll update and cross them off as we go, alright?

Now, who's going to do this with me? If you're keen, comment or tweet me below, and I'll make a list of people who are going through this with me!

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  1. Cool list! Can I tick items off of YOUR list? As I've done some of those. :-) Only 2 measly years before I hit the big 3-0 - will I have time to complete 30 items of my own??

  2. I need to revise my list to "40 before 40", only 2 years to go.

  3. Great list, I hit 30 in January and have fullfilled many of the things on your list, some this week, like making a Risotto (I had no idea it was rice based and not pasta!), it is great feeling to accomplish these goals, so best of luck with all of them, start small, then tackle the larger ones over time.

  4. I'm shattered. I don't think I'm wise enough to think I'll turn 30 in 7 yrs and that I need a list. Nup. I'll never grow. Really!

  5. Siggle, i LOVE your list! And i want one of my own! There are MANY things i have yet to do before i hit 30 - but i also have another 6 years, yipeeeee :) Matt - well don eon the risotto!! Its also something that has ALWAYS intrigued me <3 nikki x

  6. Risotto down!

    You need to get going on the 'grow vegetables', it is easy to do, as my blog posts have shown and feel free to ask for any help/advice if you want/need it.




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