Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Next Few Weeks


So, I've been a bit sparse on the posting front just lately, and I feel terrible for abandoning you all! As I've said, things have been hectic on the home front, with the wedding in under two weeks, my Dad coming to visit from England, and various other wedding and honeymoon related activities all coming to a head right now. In fact, I've hardly cooked in the last month or so, and the next month will be much the same, because we're going to EUROPE, baby! Yes, we're leaving for our honeymoon a day or so after our wedding, and we're visiting Rome and the Dalmatia area of Croatia.

{Image source: Tambako the Jaguar, flickr}
Because of this amazing trip, this here blog was in danger of being sadly neglected (and I haven't had time to schedule a bunch of posts for you, I'm sorry. I'm just not that great a multitasker, and I've had a busy couple of months!) However, some of my delightful blogging friends on twitter have offered to take up my mantle, and guest post for me while I'm away! What amazing people! Thank you SO much ladies, you've no idea how much I appreciate this!

And so, over the next few weeks you'll meet @TheCreativePot, @ninatimm, @cptcarla, @Ashleign_Martyn and @LadyRaven, and these lovely ladies will each bring something special to this blog, and I DO hope you enjoy them!
If any of you, my readers, would like to volunteer to guest post from the 30th July - 19th August, please email polkadotcupcakecooks {at} gmail {dot} com. I'll send you details, and you can send me a post!

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