Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank you!


I'm back in the land of the living and the interwebs, and I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me! It couldn't have been too hard, with the amazing posts my dear bloggie friends (Nina, Marisa, Hila, The Chef, Jessica and Ash) came up with!

This is going to be a short post, I just wanted to say how grateful I was for the time off, for the wedding I originally didn't want, and had SO much fun at, for my amazing, incredible and wonderful friends, and for my new husband, and best friend.

We wanted to elope, originally, but due to family expectations and one thing and another, we found ourselves planning (and paying for) a wedding we didn't really want to have. Fast forward a few months (yes, we were engaged for 2 years, and no, we didn't start planning until 6 months before the wedding), and we were nose deep in plans, and deeply regretting not having worked harder, earlier. In jump my amazing friends, and things that I thought would remain in my dreams (handmade bright yellow beanbag handwarmers) became a reality before my eyes. My friends jumped in and made our day an absolutely wonderful, warm, caring, loving affair. Rather than a huge 'event' that related to neither of us, we had a small wedding, with just our family and closed friends.

And we had a ball. We ate amazing food - chunky tomato soup, creamy butternut soup, lamb shanks in rosemary and red wine, oxtail in a light curry sauce, roasted veggies and salad, and the CUPCAKES. We had vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon meringue and carrot cake cupcakes, and delicious baked caramel cheesecake.

And we danced and drank wine, and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. All our weird and wonderful disparate friends and family got together and celebrated our love for one another, and the joining of two families that span several continents together. We remembered those who couldn't be there, and enjoyed those who could. We loved, we laughed (oh boy, did we laugh!) and we had fun.

And then we went away on a fabulous trip - I won't say honeymoon, because nothing about a whirlwind visitation of Rome in 3 days, and no more than 3 nights in any one place REALLY says honeymoon, but boy, do we have memories. We came back more tired than we've ever been, with better knowledge of each other, tons of stories, a tan, and the consumption of more bread and pizza than should be legally allowed. But that's another story.

For now, I just want to thank you. For sticking with me, for helping me out, and for allowing me the time and space to fully experience that incredible and unexpectedly wonderful time of our lives.

So thank you.

**All pics stolen without permission from our amazing photographer, Mitch of I Do Photography. For more photos from our wedding, visit that link.**

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  1. Aaaah, that's what fiends are for!! Lovely intimate picture eof you two!!!

  2. Such a beautiful photo of the two of you. And those cupcakes sound divine. Sad I missed them. :-/

  3. At least you admitted to stealing the pictures with credits ;)

    Thanks for an awesome day of fun!

  4. @ Mitch, what else could I do? They had to be shared :) particularly that cupcake one.. mmmmmm
    Thanks so much, we had so much fun!


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