Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sign up for the Food Blogger Indaba 2011!

I wonder if you remember, way back in October 2009 (are any of you still around since then? Amazing!!) I kinda stopped blogging. I was feeling a lack of inspiration, a lack of guidance, and generally a bit of ennui.. yes, this seems to happen annually around October, now that I come to think of it..

Anyway, in order to help a little with my writers block and lack of direction, early in 2010 I attended the inaugural Food Bloggers Conference. It was amazing. I met all sorts of inspiring people, including the amazing Nina of My Easy Cooking, Marisa at The Creative Pot, Jane Anne of Scrumptious South Africa, the incredible Colleen from Browniegirl, who did an amazing job at organising it, and so many more. I left inspired, motivated and raring to go! I also left weighed down with a goodie bag worth far more than my entrance cost! In short, it was incredible. A total joy to attend, and SO worth the money I put in!

So this year, when the chance to attend the second Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba came up, I registered immediately! This year, Colleen has changed the format to a more interactive workshop style, with talks in the morning, and workshops in the afternoon, and if lunch last year was anything to go by, an incredible lunch! I'm signed up for the Photography and Food styling course with Nina and Jeanne (Cooksister!), and I can't wait! As you may have noticed (cough cough), there are very few of my own photos around here. (Yes, I know a bad photo of mine is worth dozens of nice photos of others, but I can't bring myself to post crappy camera phone photos, and I don't know how to take decent photos. You can tell where this is going can't you?)

What I want is for every one of you to sign up. If you enjoy food, photography, writing, wine, or just having fun with other like-minded souls, SIGN UP NOW! There are limited places available, and it's filling up fast. You wouldn't want to miss the food blogging event of the year, would you?

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  1. :) Thank you for this. And I am so looking forward to seeing beautiful photos on your blog in future hehe. Looking forward to seeing you again at fbi2011 xx

  2. Ditto ditto ditto! Last year's conference was such a blast, I wouldn't dream of missing it!

  3. Can't wait to see you there! We are going to have a ball in the workshop :)

  4. Signed up for my first FBI! Really looking forward to it, to meeting you and other interesting bloggers, and to leaving inspired (and laden *wink*)! See you there!


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