Thursday, February 3, 2011


So, you may have noticed that I've gone silent again. I could tell you why, but then I'd have to kill you.. Nah, I'll tell you. At the moment, my kitchen looks like this:

Ok, ok, I may be exaggerating slightly, but right now, I'm kitchenless! See, we're 1.5 weeks into revamping the kitchen (and downstairs loo and sunroom, and putting in a little pool), so the house is a bit of a war zone right now. In fact, 'a bit' is putting it lightly. We've knocked out walls, walls that were supposed to stay, have fallen down, we've knocked out the back of the house, removed the bathroom with shower, that was en suite to the kitchen (because you *always* need to shower when making dinner, right? No? That's what we thought, too.) In short, things are a mess.

And to top it all off, we've got the in-laws staying with us for the duration of the renovation, to supervise the builders, and make sure the dog doesn't kill them. Or the other way round, whichever comes first. So, every day I get home, dinner's cooked. We don't even go out (which I was sooo hoping for), because the in-laws aren't really out-eating people. So. Not much on the blogging front for me, though I am working on a few ideas for you lovely lot.

Bear with me, while I get a fancy new kitchen? Just to whet your appetite, I'll share some of our building plans with you, and let you in on my newest accessory..

We used to have the aforementioned bathroom-en suite to-kitchen vibe going on. It was very 1950s in the kitchen, though our house is a 100 year old Victorian row house. So, you can guess what we had going on. White floor tiles (why?? impossible to keep clean), funny little rooms, walls and weird corners. Not very user friendly, and blocked a lot of light. We had funny uneven cabinets, which I swear were put in by a dwarf without mathematical skills. The fronts didn't line up, they weren't all the same length, so much space was wasted. Urgh. It wasn't my favourite room.

At the moment we have a big, bricky hole. We have some holes where there used to be walls, and some walls where there used to be holes. We've moved the toilet (and removed the shower, we tend to shower upstairs ;) ), and we've created a lovely little sunroom/indoor braai room. It'll get lots of afternoon sun, especially in winter, and it makes our indoor-outdoor flow a little better. Ok. It *will* make it better. At the moment it's just draughty.

Future (ETA: 2-3 weeks)
We're putting in white Supawood cabinets, with a panelled groove running lengthways, cashew colour Travertine tiles throughout, from the kitchen, through the sunroom, to the guest loo. We're tossing between black granite countertops and brown Technistone at the moment. Just can't decide! And we'll probably end up with some kind of white wall tile, with a bluey-grey paint on the walls above the cabinets (we have extremely high ceilings, so the cabinets don't go to the ceiling.)

I've drawn up some diagrams to illustrate the changes (I'll try take photos, I promise!) I'll add a post on the sunroom (with diagram), with toilet, but here's the kitchen for now.

In the interim, bear with a sad kitchenless food blogger, wontcha? Thanks!

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  1. You only had one food cupboard? Wow, you were worse off than we are! I love the idea of an indoor braai room! Too bad it won't be working when I'm down there ;-) It may be a huge gaping hole but how fun to be able to design the kitchen of your dreams!

  2. Hahahaha, laughed all the way through this post. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see puffle's interactions with the builders.

    New layout looking AWESOME - so excited for you.


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