Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restaurant Review: Pepenero

Hi lovelies!

So you know I eat out a lot, right? Well, one place I've been kinda keeping under my hat is this jewel, but since my favourite season to go is ending, I figure it's safe now, right? And who knows, maybe it'll become your favourite summer hangout..

What's a bit funny is that, although the boy and I have been going to Pepenero for months, I was asked by them recently to write a review. And I though, yeah. I like that place, why haven't I done a review? And then I realised. Because I didn't want to share (shame on me). So here we are, and now I'm sharing. We can still be friends, right?

You'll thank me for this: I'm talking panoramic sea views, a comfy, covered and shaded outside areas, incredible cocktails and quality food. Right? I wasn't talking rubbish, was I? You can see why I kept this one? OK. To sweeten the deal, they offered pretty good winter specials: R129 seafood platter (big enough for 2), half price on selected sushi (incl. the salmon roses, YEAH!), and R21 cocktails. Ok, there are more specials, but the boy and I are creatures of habit. We had that the first time, and we've had variations on the same theme every time we go there. See, we don't eat fish much (there's not much fish on this ere blog, is there? My bad), so when we crave it, here we go.

And this special is coming to an end. At the end of this month (September, in case you're confused). Click here for their specials, and choose specials.

Anyway, the restaurant is plush, it's comfy, it's fancy and fab, and you really want to spend a good Sunday afternoon, holed up there, loving the view, the cocktails and the food. Because this gem is the reason we love Cape Town. Good food, beautiful people, incredible sunsets. And you know why I love to go there in winter? Because on a cold, blustery day, you can sit inside the panoramic window, warm and fuzzy with your cocktails and your boy, and watch the stormy seas go wild. Yeah. I'm weird like that.

The food is great quality, the seafood and the sushi are fresh, and (after having visited with family), I'm assured that the steak is tasty. The menu is predominantly Italian, with a lot of pastas and Italian main meals, along with seafood and sushi. The wine list is extensive, though (for me) on the pricey side. The half price cocktails, however, are a steal. Have the Sexy Pepper, I always do.

But don't take my word for it. Get thee to Pepenero, especially before the winter special runs out!

PS. Book on the weekends.
PPS. I received nothing for doing this review. They asked, and I realised it was coming anyways. I was not paid or comped for anything, this is a genuine reflection of my experiences.

Phone: 021 439 9027
Address:  No 1 Two Oceans Beach, Bay Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8001

**All images stolen without permission from the Pepenero site. I don't have a camera. Sorry guys!**

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