Monday, June 7, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Fat Cow

I guess not everyone knows this about me, but for me there are few things nice than a good quality steak. And if that steak is paired with the most delicious blue cheese sauce? This is heaven, methinks!

So, I've been trying to keep this place to myself, but, because I love you, I've decided to share. Also, my fellow #cheesesluts on twitter will kill me if I don't share this, because this sauce was revelatory. Now, you may be a cheese fan, you may not, but if you are, and if stinky blue cheese is your weapon of choice then, my dears, I've found the ninja sword of cheese sauces.

Roquefort is a French blue cheese, with a strong odour and taste and a creamy texture. It melts well, and spreads quite easily, and I think it improves with age. Stilton is an English blue cheese, and Gorgonzola an Italian. So everyone has a blue cheese, and they all have their merits. The revelatory sauce, however, was made with Roquefort, so for the moment, I'm going to say that Roquefort's my favourite. (Course, next week when I make blue cheese burgers, then maybe it'll be the Gorgonzola, but you understand that I'm fickle, right?)

So, while I've been waffling on about cheese (and who doesn't wax lyrical about cheese, right?) you've been wondering at what point I'll start talking about the Fat Cow. Well, here you are.

The Fat Cow Restaurant is a little gem set in Harfield Village in Cape Town's Southern suburbs. Since the boy and I nearly moved to Harfield (it was a near thing, but luckily we ended up in Sea Point), we made it a mission to find out what there was to do in that neck of the woods. Also, the boy works in Kenilworth, so it's convenient. And originally, back when we found it, we were starving and drunk after the J&B Met, and needed food, pronto, and so stumbled on this gem.

The steak, my dears, and the burgers. Well, I won't go into too much detail, but this hidden gem has well priced, well cooked (and by that I mean, cooked to order, not well done) tasty steaks, and delicious burgers. We had the 200 g (or 250g, I can't remember) rump, with the Roquefort sauce. All steaks come with chips, rice or a baked potato, and the chips are thick cut and delicious. In addition, all steaks come with a plate of veggies, which had butternut, peas and beans I think. Anyway, they were lovely. However, the Roquefort stole the show by being rich, creamy and delicious. I totally smothered my steak in it, and then dipped my chips in it. I'd have ordered it for dessert if I'd been allowed!

We also had a burger, and although I don't remember its name, it had bacon and brie on top, which was divine. Paired with the rich blue cheese steak, and we were in heaven.

The wine list is reasonable, the 200ish gram steaks feel much bigger than their equivalent in other restaurants. And if you go for no other reason, go for that sauce.

And that, my dears, is it. Go and eat there. Nuff said.

The Fat Cow: 43 2nd Avenue Claremont (actually Harfield Village)
Phone: 021 671 6592

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  1. Oh my cheesy heart be still! Sounds absolutely divine.

    PS: You're becoming quite the restaurant reviewer! Love reading them.

  2. Just shows, I eat out more than I cook! Bad foodie blogger.. Still, at least I share, right? SO glad you like them, I like writing them!


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