Monday, June 21, 2010

Restaurant Review: Casa Nostra

So I was boasting on twitter again, but this time not about my own cooking, but about a lovely little Italian eatery I found over the weekend.

A couple of months ago (checks), alright, in March, another food blogger, Dax over at Relax with Dax, recommended Casa Nostra as a good choice for quality Italian fare at reasonable prices; you can read his review here. And although I moved to Sea Point a few months ago, it's been hard making my way past the delightful Ristorante Posticino, which is literally steps from my house. However, much as I love Posticino's pizza (LOVE), we decided to venture further afield (still in Sea Point) to the tiny, but delightful, Casa Nostra, on Regent Road, further down Sea Point Main Road.

{Image source: Jezlyn26, flickr}
(This isn't a photo of what I ate, but it's close enough, though mine had mushrooms in.)

And I am so glad that we did!! OK, I was starving, and old shoe leather probably would've been lovely, however, the Carbonara linguine with extra mushrooms was a heavenly experience. The restaurant has a small, but really authentic-feeling menu. There were a few pasta options, offered in either linguine or homemade tagliatelle, and pizza. The salads looked delicious and fresh, and we saw a dozen people having a fragrant tomato soup, which looked divine. We had the Carbonara linguine(R50, or R70 for the tagliatelle) with bacon, mushrooms, and a light creamy sauce, and the gnocchi (R60) with napoletana sauce. We agreed that my carbonara was the clear winner, while the two in concert was nice, because the napoletana sauce was a light foil to the creaminess of the carbonara. We rounded out dinner with some Italian red wine (R30 per glass), and dessert was a Lindt chocolate brownie and white chocolate mousse.

Dinner was delicious, served quickly, and dessert was divine. The place was mostly empty when we got there (it was 6pm - we didn't have lunch, ok!), but filled up around 7pm, with lots of locals. I'd book if you want to go around 7-8pm, but just rock up if you're going earlier. For the sports mad, there are 2 big screen TVs (considering the place is tiny, that's really all you need), so you can catch the games.

So if you're in Sea Point, try this unassuming eatery out, it may just make your day!

Casa Nostra Italian Restaurant
66 Regent Road, Sea Point
Phone: 021 433 0187

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  1. Can an Italian restaurant ever be bad?

    Two stand out for me thought:

    La Masseria (in Durbanville - can you stomach that?) - their antipasto buffet and especially their fried aubergine slices are absolutely to die for.

    Satori (in Kalkbay) - their pizza bases are the real thing and their pastas will blow your mind. Authentic, honest, real Italian homecooking.

    Great vibe also in both these places and not crazy expensive either.

  2. @Marisa
    I think I can stomach Durbanville (so long as it's not Tygervalley!), and these two sound amazing! And yes, there is such a thing as bad Italian. It involves stodgy pizza bases, and flavourless jarred pasta sauces!

  3. Thanks for this. We always go Ristorante Posticino (10 years now) - it has a wonderful atmosphere and pizza to die for. Will definitely give this a try soon.

  4. @Rose & Thorn Ah, Posticino's! Pizza and vibe to die for, and walking distance from our house! Try Casa Nostra for a calmer atmosphere, and killer pasta!

  5. Been meaning to reply, thank you for the excellent write up, all menu now on
    thank you Daniel


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