Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Restaurant Review: La Boheme Wine Bar and Bistro

So. I haven't done very many restaurant reviews, and that isn't because I don't eat out. I do eat out, probably more than I should, it's just that I don't really want to do over what better bloggers have done before me. And sometimes, you just wax poetic over yet another creme brulee.
And yet, there sometimes comes a time when I am forced to wax poetic, just because I enjoy it so so much. And La Boheme Wine Bar and Bistro on Sea Point Main Road is just one of those places.

Now, it could be because I live around the corner (it certainly doesn't hurt to be able to consume several jugs of delicious sangria, and then not have to drive home!), and it could also be because I've heard many good things about it, but I think it's mostly the sure combination of relaxed atmosphere, incredibly good, homestyle food and very reasonable pricing.
Take Saturday for instance. The boy and I were ravenous, and contemplating lunch with fervour. We decided to pop around the corner, and take advantage of the R110 3 course special (though I ended up having the 2 course, R90 special, that's another story).

And what a special it is!
For starters, the boy had the most delicious chicken and leek ravioli, beautifully presented with a pile of rocket, which perfectly complemented the creamy sauce, and I had a divine chicken liver parfait, which was smooth and creamy, and served with sweet onion marmalade. These starters set the tone for our mains, a veritable feast of deliciousness. The boy had roast pork belly (with crispy crackling!) with poached pear and a wholegrain mustard sauce and baby potatoes, while I was spoiled with beef bourgignon on roasted garlicky mashed potatoes, both accompanied by spicy lentils, carrots, beetroot and roasted peppers.

The subtlety that was the mustard sauce paired with the sweetness of the pork and pear ws just divine. And the garlic mash amid all that beefy, winey goodness? Well, let's just say that we had an incredible lunch. And we really needed the dog walking afterwards, to help loosen the pants a bit.

Ah, and dessert. Chewy, light, chocolatey goodness that was the toasted almond and chocolate meringues was just the, well, I supposed icing on the cake that was lunch at La Boheme. But this isn't just a lunch joint. You can do a delicious dinner, or even breakfast - this place has delicious breads and croissants that you can buy at the deli and take home, or eat in with your eggs. The menus seem to be updated regularly, and are written up on large chalkboards that are standing around the restuarant, to be brought to the table by your friendly waitress. For some odd reason, we've had the same waitress every time we've been, and her service, at least, is efficient, friendly, knowledgable and not overly obtrusive. All in all, we have a winner.

You can book with them on
La Boheme: 021 434 8797

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  1. You had me drooling at the description of your mains... Methinks a visit to La Boheme is in order!

  2. Methinks that if you go and don't call me, you will be a bad blogger friend! ;)

  3. Hey – I didn't realise I hadn't seen your blog before... (That doesn't make much sense does it? But have been chatting to you on twitter and thought I had been to your blog) So delighted - it's lovely!
    I adore La Boheme. Excellent quality... Feisel is the best.

  4. Gosh, i need to get to this place....and soon!! Lovely review! And heck yeah I want that #cheesesluts badge please..... :o) xx


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