Monday, March 8, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Baby Potatoes

These are also known as little bites of heaven.

Now, this is the first recipe I have ever posted that I haven't made myself, but I think you need to know about this before I FINALLY get around to making it, whenever that may be. These delicious little bites of heaven will make you happy, they will make your children, your husband, any friends you choose to bless with them happy. In fact, if you like bacon, you will be happy. So brace yourself.

Bacon Wrapped Baby Potatoes

(yes, every word needs capitalising, they are that important.)

Bag of baby potatoes
Packet of streaky bacon
Olive oil
Green herbs (thyme, oreganum, parsley)
Black pepper

  1. Boil potatoes in water with salt, until just cooked. Remove from the water, drain and put into a dish big enough to hold them, and some liquid. Cover the potatoes in a mixture of olive oil, garlic and herbs, and grind black pepper and a little sea salt over them, bearing in mind that bacon is salty in itself.
  2. Leave for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove marinaded potatoes from liquid. Wrap a strip of bacon around each potato, securing the end with a toothpick. Place in a large cookie tray, and when they're all done, pop them under the preheated grill until the bacon starts to get crispy, but not burnt.
  4. Serve warm to your adoring audience, and revel in the delightfulness! These were served at a party I went to on the weekend, and were the first thing to go! Delicious! I'll be making these for my next party!
PS. I imagine that these would also be beautiful marinaded in a olive oil and rosemary, and then just before you put them into the oven, pour a teaspoon of brown sugar onto each one. That would probably turn them into sticky delights!

Have fun with these!

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  1. Yummy - looks great! And I love your new blog look!


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