Thursday, February 18, 2010

GIVEAWAY - Taste of Cape Town!

Oh wow.. I'm actually too scared to go and see exactly how long it's been since my last post. I know it's bad though, it's been too long, and I promise to try harder, let's just leave it at that, shall we? 

In order to make it up (if I still have any readers left after my incredibly long absence) I have something special for you!! YES!! My very first giveaway! This makes me feel like a really real blogger, so stick with me, it'll be worth it!

I've teamed up with the lovely souls at the Taste of Cape Town, and I'm giving away 2 double sets of standard entry tickets, each set worth R160! Isn't that incredible!? I'm getting carried away, but we're talking the Cape Colony, Bistro 1682 (incredible, I went there! What? Did I forget to tell you?), Maze, Nobu, Reuben's, Ginja, etc., etc.! You don't need me to tell you that those are some of the finest restaurants in the greater Cape Area! This is all the restaurants you've ever wanted to try, but been to worried about the price tag/pretentiousness/sommelier/whatever to actually go. At the Taste of Cape Town, you can try them all, for about R30 a dish!

Now, when you pay full price for the tickets (as I have done, and even if you don't win, I URGE you to go!), it is a pricey day, though well worth it. But you can get it for free! Yes! FREE! And who doesn't like free stuff?

Anyway, so to win tickets, here's what I want you to do. It's simple! Leave me a comment telling me which of these restaurants you've been dying to try (hint: go to the website and see the list of restaurants), and I'll pick a winner! 

Tell me something interesting, some reason why you would kill to try one of these restaurants, a funny story of what you might do, or even a recommendation for one of the restaurants that you HAVE tried and loved, and you can win a set of double tickets from me and the kind folks at the Taste of Cape Town! That's all.. Closing date for this giveaway is Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 (cause I hate Tuesday, and it needs some perking up!)

Now, go forth and comment!!

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  1. Want want want! Do I get extra brownie points for being the first to comment? Not?

    Okay, my absolute dream restaurant would have to be Jardine. Or Nobu. Oh damnit, or Reubens. See I'm like a kid in a candy store - too many choices! Which is why I neeeeeed to win, so I can taste them all!

    I've actually been to one of the restaurants - Grande Provence. Used to audit them back in the day and we had some dessert there the one day (only thing we could afford). Was WELL worth it though - felt reallly gourmet. :-)

  2. OK, i am uber keen for these tickets!! See below, in order of instructions:


    1. Something Interesting:
    Ginja (n) is not just a restaurant name. it is also the colour of my plus 1's hair, very similar to the paint on Ginja's walls. As well as this it is the name of a common edible root. which can be pickled and is used to cleans the palate when eating sushi. Additionally, it is the name of a flavoured martini at Tank.

    2. Some reason why i would kill to try it:
    As mentioned earlier, Ginja is also a shade of hair colour. Everyone knows that Gingers are temperamental and that they often have outbursts of rage. As the restaurant is called Ginja, and is in fact, Ginger in colour, there is no necessary reason to kill as it is expected.

    3. a funny story of what i might do:
    I would like to visit this restaurant on Hug a Ginger Day. It is a real holiday but it is not recognised in countries where Ginger is a minority.

    4. recommendation of a restaurant that i have tried and loved:
    I like societi because it has an "i" on the end instead of a "y" which makes it seem "trendy" and "out there". I don't know if Ginjas are allowed to go to Societi because there is a cult that believes that Ginjas have no souls and I heard that Societi has soul. This is why there are no Ginjas in Korea. Because Korea's got Seoul.

  3. hey!

    Nobu for sure! I remember when I was younger and we had JUST gotten DSTV. We were already hooked on Carlton Food network from the get go. When watching this show 1 of the episodes of something did a show on Nobu and everything that went with it. I swore then to save up the 300 pounds for a night there. Suffice to say, life happened and I never go the chance. My fiance drove him around Cape Town when 1and only opened and he didnt swallow his pride for 3 seconds and ask for comps :P so I am still dying to try it, a teenage girl's dream


  4. Nobu! It'll be the only time I'll actually be able to afford to eat their food. (Salivating at the prospect...)

  5. oh wow! reuben's in franschhoek would be my choice.. my sister's been talking about it for years, since she went, and I'd kill to taste that!

    when I was studying, not so long ago, she would come home every weekend, and tell me about all the incredible restaurants she tried, and I would salivate just thinking about it, knowing that I had eaten toast and cereal all weekend!

    Ah!! To be able to taste the incredibleness that is Reuben's would truly make my year! I'm not a student anymore, but I might as well be, damn articles!!


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