Monday, April 6, 2009

Taste of Cape Town Festival

What a whirlwind weekend!! I didn't cook all weekend, but I did eat at some lovely places!

Ok, enough with the exclamations. This weekend was a brilliant foodie weekend, as I'm sure all agree. The Taste of Cape Town Festival was held this weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, and I must say, I love this expo! We went last year, and stored up a whole string of beautiful restaurants to bankrupt ourselves at, and I must say, we weren't disappointed this year!
Here's what it's about: a whole bunch of local (Western Cape) restaurants and wine farms are invited or choose to host a stand at the event. As far as restaurants go, its the very best, last year we had the Cape Colony, from the Mount Nelson Hotel, this year we had Reuben's and Bread & Wine, Le Quartier Francais. It really astounds me every time when I realise what fantastic restaurants we have!

At the stand, each restaurant makes small portions of a couple of signature dishes, so that visitors can 'taste' the flavour of the restaurant. It's a brilliant concept, because you get to sample the tastes of the restaurant before committing to a whole, often expensive dinner.
So this year my favourites were Bread & Wine at Le Quartier Francais, Franschhoek, and Reuben's, also Franschhoek, but I'm biased, because I have been to Reuben's and had the most fantastic (and expensive) lunch before! I also enjoyed Overture in the Hidden Valley, Stellenbosch and Aubergine, down in my very own Gardens.

I was silly enough not to take any pictures of the delightful foods, and we tasted so much I cannot remember which fantastic flavours went with which restaurant, but I can tell you this: froth is on the way up and mushrooms are fashionable! Go next year people, this is a fantastic show!! Oh, and I'd like to thank the lovely lady who gave Conrad and I the complimentary entry, to saved us R180!! You rock!!

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