Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twitter: Risotto Off


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So, as usual some of us were talking on twitter yesterday, and the subject of risotto came up. Claudz and I were both thinking of making it last night, and while we were talking, Marisa got interested. Before long, we had a #RisottoOff on our hands!

Rules are as follows:
  1. You have to have made the risotto yourself.
  2. You need to post the risotto between today (Tuesday 28 September 2010) and next Tuesday (5 October 2010).
  3. Please link to this post.
  4. Have fun!
That is all! Within the next week, we'll all be cooking and comparing notes on our risottos. As you know, this is on my #30before30 list

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  1. Does it have to be a baked Risotto or could it be any risotto recipe? Oh, and can I enter an old recipe? My family is quite risotto'd out right now so won't be making it in the next week but I have like 20 recipes for it lol

  2. Hi ally! you can repost old recipes, with a link to this post. There's no pressure, just something fun.. Maybe post an unusual recipe or something.. Mostly, we just want to learn from one another, but there's no need to overdo it on the rice front, I know how that feels :)

  3. Hey
    I'm going to be a day late with my post. Being sick all of last week as delayed all plans :) Should be posting Tuesday 5th - evening or Wednesday morning

    Trying something new



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