Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Giveaway: Taste of Cape Town 2012

It's been a while, I know, and you would be forgiven for thinking I was never coming back. Hell, sometimes I even thought I wasn't coming back, but in truth, I was looking for a way back in. All the awesomeness that I cook up in the kitchen hasn't stopped, and my wish to write for myself hasn't died. But life gets in the way, and sometimes you need a way in to make the re-entry easier.

My re-entry to food blogging has been made easier with a very generous offer from the lovely people at Taste of Cape Town. They're offering tickets to 2 of my lovely readers (think of it as a loyalty reward - if you're still around after all this time, you deserve this!)
The details are as follows:
  • There are two sets of two standard entry tickets to win (2 people will win, and each can bring 1 friend, to be clear)
  • They are for the Saturday 21 April, 13.00-17.00 session
  • They must be picked up from the front desk during the session
Now, to win this great prize, simply do the following. Leave a comment below on which 1. restaurant and 2. producer you've been dying to experience (hint: all the details are here Leave your comment by Monday 16 April 1pm, I will announce the winners on Tuesday 17 April, in the morning.

The Taste of Cape Town Festival is being held at the Green Point Cricket Club, from 19-22 April, and will feature the best of the Cape Town foodie scene from top end restaurants, distilleries, and wine farms, to fresh producers, bakers, farmers, and more. Each restaurant makes a variety of tasting plates, which can be bought with the Festival currency, Crowns, which can be bought from roaming sellers, or at the info desks. Each Crown is worth R5, and dishes range from 4-8 Crowns (R20-R40).

There are 5 sessions (details on the website) and the tickets are sold as follows:
  • Standard: R80 (entry)
  • Premium: R200 (entry, tasting glass, R120 worth of Crowns)
  • Taste Clubhouse: R685 (entry, tasting glass, 3 premium drinks, R180 worth of crowns, a private clubhouse with cash bar)
So, if you've been dying to experience the best the Cape Town foodie scene has to offer, now's your chance. Food, wine, and producers galore are what's in store. So go on, you know what to do.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere!
    I'd love to experience Makaron, and try the Vermeiren Speculoos from Bistro Products!

  2. Planet Bar and restautrant: Chef Rudi Liebenberg's BBQ pork belly, sweet potato bake, cabbage with smoked pork neck, pickled pineapple and carrot salad is what i'm dying to taste

  3. I would love to experience La Colombe because it's the best restaurant in South Africa, and has been ranked one of the be restaurant in the world. I would like to satisfy my sweet tooth with Tasha's Fantastic Fudge

  4. Azure Restaurant and Tasha's Fudge! Yummy :)

    Tarah Childes

  5. I would love to visit the stand for the Azure restaurant at the 12 apostles hotel and spa. To taste any dish made my by the executive Chef Henrico Grobbelaar would be truly a special and unforgettable gourment experience! This man is a culinary genius and a master at his craft! Ps.Welcome back to the wonderful world of food blogging!

    Tichakunda Gabi

  6. Forget to mention my favourite produce that i would love visit. Yummi brownies! Need I say more? A bag full of those brownies would be a super way to end the day!

    Tichakunda Gabi


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